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Make Website & Mobile App Affordable

FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY – Mobile Responsive Website + Mobile Application for only $2,400*

*Eligible company can claim up to 60% of the development cost. Rate is after deduction of grant. For more information, contact us today.

Introducing the advance e-commerce or mobile responsive website with complete CRM required for today’s demand. One time development at great offer price. In addition,  you can claim 60% of it using PIC. Alternatively, you can pay lower with our one-time set up and low yearly subscription to use our platform. Whatever it is, you are definitely going to invest in a most comprehensive and yet lower cost than any others are proposing. See the value of it with our presentation.

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We are not just a web development firm. We help our customers know what kind of marketing options they can use to ensure visbility, which will convert their online platform to money making tool.

We have many years of experiences in various marketing platforms. Our principle is to create great value platform at affordable market rate.a

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