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Responsive web design

Web Development

We will create a website according to your requirement. First we will understanding the main purpose of website and what you hope it do for your business. Then we will propose our recommendation at the budget that is right for you.

Type of Web Development

We do e-commerce as well as corporate branding website. Depending on your industry, we provide theme support with copy writing and design of banner. We also provide stock images to help beautify your website.

Web Development Process

1st we will propose a right design for your website. Then we will upload your content. Finally when all is good, we will host your website.

Technical Support

All projects come with after development technical support to ensure smooth running of the website. Other supports are available on request.

Website Upgrade and Addons

After the development is completed, we also provide service to upgrade existing website and also to addon feature which will help with the current business needs.

Web Hosting Service

All websites come with complimentary hosting service. We will continue to support website that is hosted with us at very little addon cost for peace of mind. We will also backup of your website, in case any unforeseen event or virus attack.

Our Web Development Project

We use the most updated web technology to build the website for our clients, so our client can also enjoy the ease in updating the website. The inclusion of the plugin as part of our development project for clients, it allows client to add marketing pages easily to promote the business online. This can also mean more opportunity to generate sales and integrate with payment system and more marketing tools. We are in no way selling this technology and will only be using it to build a project and included it as part of the integrated service offer for our clients. 

Some of The Themes You Can Consider For Your Website

We customize your website according to your industry

Sunglass Store

Food & Beverage

Travel Store


Jewelry Store


Product Store


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Our mission is to create the leading website using the best technology and marketing strategies that bring growth to businesses.

About Us
Progres Media is a web development and marketing agency in Singapore. We focus our effort in helping businesses grow online.

Our team has years of marketing and web development experiences.

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