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OpenCart Category Page Update

This tutorial will show you how to update the category page of the OpenCart website.  Navigate to Categories > Edit or Add New to create a new page. Parent is the main category and any new category page that are suppose to be as sub category, would have to be assigned under the name on parent category.

Sort Order

Sort order is to sort the order of the category name in the order that it will appear on the menu. You can start as 1 and continue on to the last category. Example, if you sort 1 for About Us, 2 for Products and 3 for Contact us, the top main category will appear in the order of About Us | Products | Contact Us. Same concept applies to sub category, from the 1st sort order to the last, it will appear from top to bottom. 

SEO | Meta Description 

SEO and Meta Description is optional. You can choose to update it if you are doing search engine optimization

It is however, good to enter what is relevant to have your site index by search engine. 

Category Image

This is optional as it will have an image appearing on the page load. It will appear on top of whatever content that you will put in there. Unless that page is empty and you just want to list the category for someone to click to a particular category, you can just leave image empty. 

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