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Social Media Marketing

As we all know how powerful social media can be to our everyday life. Today, we are competing for attention on the ever increasing ads that is appearing in the Facebook news feed. Being able to engage the audience and getting them to act on the advertising message is indeed challenging for many advertisers

We help our advertisers create ad copies with strong taglines, link the ads to various platform like landing pages, websites and subscription. We also add autoresponder to response to participating audience with the quick response on particpation. This is important in engaging the audience before they losses interest.

We see the emerging demand for video and its role in converting many sales these days. Therefore, we are including video to engage audience on social media as well as on YouTube. Find out more how we can use video to engage and get result from our video marketing program.

Our Social Media Strategy

  • Collect subscription to your newsletter
  • Attract them to stay on your list
  • Update them with your latest offer
  • Post articles on the Blog and Auto Post to Social Media Sites
    like Facebook, Twitter and other site will click a link that lead
    traffic back to your website.
  • Add Call to Action Pop Up Form to Contact for quotation, buy product and or just subscribe to email.
  • Drive traffic with advertising in social media sites
  • Exit re-direct visitor to another offer page. Which mean when they want to exit the page,
    a pop up message will ask them to click “Stay On This Page” to view other offer or get a freebie.
  • Create autoresponder to automatically follow up with those on the list with offers and useful information.
  • Share interesting articles, with our content writing service and our scheduled system to
    auto update the blog and social media sites.
  • Build a high ranking site with all the link juice from everywhere with this strategy.


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